Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am really having trouble with the school day being so long. She leaves for the bus at 6:20 and doesn't get home until shortly after 4:00, this is without any extra activities. Thankfully homework at this point seems to be taking less than an hour most nights. When we went for a parent night they told us how we should be involved in our children's lives; they want us to look at what assignments they have, keep track of their grades online, and talk to them about their classes this is their idea of what a life should be, that's it? This is one of the problems I had when they where in school when they were younger, what about their interests, or things we think are important to learn or do as a family? Talking to parents who have always had their children in the public school system has made me feel sad, they don't seem to understand what I am saying at all. I am so happy we decided to be a homeschooling family when we did, and Gianna was able to go back to school knowing it was a choice, there are alternatives and we are behind her no matter what.

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