Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am tired today. It is 6:00 and Gianna is still not home, she stayed late at school for a club and is taking the activity bus with friends. I really hope she listened when I told her to grab something for a quick snack after school, since she eats lunch at 10:20 in the morning. I worked 7 hours today, that is a long day for me, and I am going back tonight for a computer class. I hope something sticks and I don't fall asleep. Everyone else went fishing until dark, I am hoping they have fun and there is no fighting between Jessica and the boys, it has been one of those weeks where they all seem to get on each others nerves all of a sudden. I blame the change of seasons, and the fact that we are still not completely adjusted to this high school stuff. I think I better go now before I ramble aimlessly too far and get lost.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are getting ready for homecoming next weekend, I am happy she decided to go with a group of friends, rather than finding a certain someone, so much more relaxed and enjoyable that way (especially for Dad). I will figure out how to post pictures at some point and time. She has dress and shoes now, she just is trying to figure out the hair (and practicing walking in the shoes).
Open house is this week Jordan has decided to come with, he would like to figure out why she seems to like this life so much. I will do my part and bite my tongue and smile and be socially acceptable, for Gianna's sake. I was reading "WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE WELL EDUCATED" by Alfie Kohn out loud to Gianna and Jordan and we were discussing our views on some of the questions he raised in his first essay. It was very enlightening to see them stop and think about what being well educated means and that the definition is different for each person, they got stumped when the conversation turned to public schools and whose definition should get used to decide how to teach. I thought it was great that they both said that it doesn't matter how you are taught what matters is how you learn and applying that.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am really having trouble with the school day being so long. She leaves for the bus at 6:20 and doesn't get home until shortly after 4:00, this is without any extra activities. Thankfully homework at this point seems to be taking less than an hour most nights. When we went for a parent night they told us how we should be involved in our children's lives; they want us to look at what assignments they have, keep track of their grades online, and talk to them about their classes this is their idea of what a life should be, that's it? This is one of the problems I had when they where in school when they were younger, what about their interests, or things we think are important to learn or do as a family? Talking to parents who have always had their children in the public school system has made me feel sad, they don't seem to understand what I am saying at all. I am so happy we decided to be a homeschooling family when we did, and Gianna was able to go back to school knowing it was a choice, there are alternatives and we are behind her no matter what.