Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are getting ready for homecoming next weekend, I am happy she decided to go with a group of friends, rather than finding a certain someone, so much more relaxed and enjoyable that way (especially for Dad). I will figure out how to post pictures at some point and time. She has dress and shoes now, she just is trying to figure out the hair (and practicing walking in the shoes).
Open house is this week Jordan has decided to come with, he would like to figure out why she seems to like this life so much. I will do my part and bite my tongue and smile and be socially acceptable, for Gianna's sake. I was reading "WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE WELL EDUCATED" by Alfie Kohn out loud to Gianna and Jordan and we were discussing our views on some of the questions he raised in his first essay. It was very enlightening to see them stop and think about what being well educated means and that the definition is different for each person, they got stumped when the conversation turned to public schools and whose definition should get used to decide how to teach. I thought it was great that they both said that it doesn't matter how you are taught what matters is how you learn and applying that.

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