Saturday, February 6, 2010


I dyed my daughters hair another non-natural color today and was asked why I did that. My immediate answer was, "because that's what color she wanted". The more I thought about it the more I realized that there was a lot more to both the question and the answer.
I'm not sure exactly what the person who asked was really asking. Possibly I was correct with my answer and it was a simple color choice question. Somehow I doubt it. I think possibly it was more along the lines of "Why would a rational, loving, caring mother purposely dye her daughters hair purple?" or maybe "Do you know what's in those products you put on her head?" I could go on assuming different scenarios but I am sure you can all think of a bunch of different ones on your own.
My answer requires no guess work on my part. I did dye it purple because that is the color she wanted it. I dye it for her because it is fairly easy, it gives us time together doing something that makes her happy, and I enjoy that. As to why I would agree to this at all there are a few reasons. First, I have cousins slightly older than my kids, growing up they were allowed to do whatever the wanted with their hair, my very wise aunt and uncle said it was just hair so many more important things to worry or get upset about. This is parenting gold in my book!
Second, I wish I had taken more control over who I wanted to be and what I wanted to look like when I was younger. Lastly, I trust my daughter and I think her thoughts and ideas are important, why would I deny her idea about how she should look. By doing this she isn't hurting herself or anyone else and she is learning all sorts of things.


  1. That is a beautiful post. You are a cool and very wise momma! There is something to be said about taking control of what you look like. I think it is part of discovering who you are. I am glad that G is getting the opportunity to discover both of those things with the love and support of her amazing mom.

  2. Thanks Dee! It is much easier to be a cool, wise momma now that I have so many freinds who also are cool, wise mommas and friends.

  3. Ditto to what Dee said. I loved it. :)