Thursday, February 18, 2010

sick days

Jessica is sick, we took a trip to the doctor today. She has an infection in her throat and has been given an antibiotic. She really does not feel well, she woke up with an extremely sore throat making it hard to swollow, said she had not slept well because she was uncomfortable, at home she has been lying on the couch watching movies.
What I find really funny is she has not lost any of her curiosity and faced with new places to ask questions she jumped at the chance. First was the doctor who asked, when we were done, if Jess had any questions. Yes she replied, what is inside your teeth? The doctor tried to give her the best of her knowledge which lead to a discussion of wether or not baby teeth have nerves. We are supposed to find out and report back.
Then, we went to get her perscription filled and she asked the pharmasist how they make her medicine. She was given a wonderful answer about how it was originally derived form a fungus but now is made in a lab.
I think we will be doing a lot of research on teeth and maybe a little on medicine also. Hopefully her having less energy will give me a chance to find some resources so I am armed when the questions are all directed at me again.

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